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Dear PES Members,
Due to a high volume of conflicting events, PES Leadership Advantage – Module 1 will not be offered at the September conference in Washington, D.C. Please consider registering for Module 2 instead. Modules need not be completed in any particular order. We have an interesting, diverse group signing up for Module 2.  Click here for an overview: (Module 2 Overview)
Both Module 1 and Module 2 will be offered at the May 2018 conference in Toronto. 
If you have any questions or concerns please contact David Mazer at (917) 379-3481 or

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The PES Board of Directors is once again delighted to bring the PES Leadership Advantage to its members. Leaders who complete all four modules will achieve a certificate in leadership from the Pediatric Endocrine Society. PES Leadership Advantage Module One will be offered again and Module Two will be introduced at this year’s international PES conference in September. Modules 3 and 4 are being planned for development in 2018 and 2019. The program continues to focus on three overarching themes:

Leadership Fundamentals

The foundational self-skills necessary to becoming an impactful voice at the leadership table

Leading & Influencing Others

The competencies and techniques important to developing followership and collaboration

Navigating & Guiding Your Enterprise

Setting the bigger picture vision & operating from a strategic framework
We invite you to register for Module 1 of PES Leadership Advantage as it kicks-off in tandem with our full day International PES Conference in Washington D.C. on September 13th. Check registration page for pricing, early bird and returning participant specials.
PES Leadership Advantage employs a state-of the art, blended learning concept. Participants will explore topics and complete some self- assessments prior to the workshop. The six hour live event will focus on team interaction and robust practice for each leadership skill. After the workshop, an instructor-lead video conference will allow for rich discussion of what really happened when participants tested these new techniques back on the job.

Sign up if you are:

  • A leader wishing to enhance your skills and “toolkit”
  • Exploring a leadership path and starting to build a strong

NOTE: Modules may be completed in any order.


  • Leadership Fundamentals Understanding Yourself as a Leader – Operating with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading & Influencing Others Managing Your Time & Delegating Effectively
  • Navigating & Guiding Your Enterprise Delivering Powerful Feedback & Managing through Conflict

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