Our Philosophy

In our hectic world it is often difficult to make the time for the quality communication or the strategic program that will elevate the contributions of our teams and leaders.  Yet it is often that moment of coaching, the quick gift of feedback, the structured development program, the connection with a mentor, the insight into style, the dynamic team meeting, etc. that make the most difference in an individual's performance, commitment, motivation and inspiration.   


The Malone Group creates the opportunities for coaching, feedback, development, accomplishment and motivation using a variety of practices and tools.  Through our consulting and coaching we assist leaders and teams in achieving potential, and we help organizations to develop as Employers of Choice


Whether a group or an individualized offering, each intervention is designed and tailored to the specific needs of the client.  We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your organizational or individual development vision and goals, and to partner with you to create solutions for enhancing your own contribution, your overall talent base and your business outcomes.