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Patrick Sherry, PhD,
Senior Vice President

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Dr. Patrick Sherry consults extensively with executives in Fortune 500 companies throughout the US, Canada and Asia in the areas of leadership development and executive effectiveness. He has had a number of engagements with the leaders of multinational companies as they strive to improve their leadership, managerial effectiveness and businesses.

As a coach Dr. Sherry focuses on developing a leader’s effectiveness by increasing awareness of their own personal strengths and business skills to strategically influence and motivate others to achieve business and financial objectives. Leaders at all levels are most successful when they are able to match their style and skills to the preferences and needs of those they seek to lead.  Dr. Sherry coaches executives to identify their strengths and then to tailor their approach to their teams and direct reports for optimal performance. In addition, he works with executives to adapt to changing roles and demands by learning when and how to use and develop new skills. By strategically applying and enhancing interpersonal, communication and managerial skills an executive learns to achieve exceptional results in line with strategic business objectives. Using a collaborative coaching model approach, based on rigorous assessment data, Dr. Sherry works with executives to construct a strategic action plan to be implemented in the individual’s organization and network to achieve maximum career success.

Dr. Sherry has been training and developing consultants, coaches and psychologists for over 30 years. Originally, the coaching profession emerged as a sub-specialty of counseling and psychology. As a Professor and Chair of the Counseling Psychology Program at the University of Denver, Dr. Sherry developed curriculum, taught classes, supervised students and conducted research on the efficacy of counseling approaches for several hundred doctoral level psychologists and other consultants. In addition, he has lectured on the topic of executive coaching and assisted with the delivery of the Executive Coaching Program through Middlesex University in the UK. Lastly, he has served as a supervising consultant for numerous coaches throughout the US and Asia. He has been an invited speaker and workshop facilitator on the topic of executive development and leadership at national and international conferences in the US and Asia. As an executive coach he has worked with top leaders from a number of companies including: Aetna, BNSF, TRW, Cigna, Deloitte, IBM and Comcast to name a few.

Dr. Sherry has a great deal of experience in assessment and the use of instruments. He was trained in the use of the MBTI over 20 years ago and since then has developed an assessment center for use with a large consumer products company, validated an assessment battery for selecting and hiring team managers in a large manufacturing company, developed several different online assessment tools including leadership competencies, team effectiveness, and inclusiveness. He regularly advises organizations on the identification, development, and utilization of selection and assessment instruments. He recently completed a study establishing the portability of selection tools from one organization to be used with executives in a large retail company.

Most recently Dr. Sherry has partnered with one of the oldest executive development firms in the USA to provide training for executive coaches as well as develop and supervise executive coaches working on large multinational accounts to ensure a consistent high level of quality and professional service. Over the past 30+ years he has consulted globally designing and facilitating executive development programs, contributing to the identification and selection of top talent, developing talent assessment systems, and the construction of selection and development tools. Recently, he has been an invited speaker at conferences in Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, Brisbane, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Toronto on the topic of the identification and development of leadership characteristics of successful executives.

Dr. Sherry is a Fellow of the Academy of Counseling Psychology and the American Board of Professional Psychologists (ABPP) and has served as a mentor to business professionals and consultants for over 25 years.