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Lauren Powers, MA, MCC, CPCC
Executive Coach

Lauren Powers is a Master Certified Coach and a senior faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute where she has trained professional coaches since 1999. She believes that inspiring leadership is based on a satisfying mix of achieving results, relating to others and being grounded in personal values.  When leaders learn to approach their work lives from this resonant place, everyone is made more powerful.

With over 20 years of experience, Lauren is dedicated to her clients’ growth, progress and freedom. Through executive coaching, leadership development and cultural transformation, she supports individuals, teams and organizations to initiate and sustain positive and significant change. Her primary goal is to help leaders realize their highest vision, power and productivity, while helping them recognize their potential contributions to organizational problems.

Lauren is the author of The Trouble with Thinking, a guide to how our perceptions create our realities. Her specialty is working with people and teams on the “thoughts behind the behaviors.” Identifying interpretations and assumptions is the starting point for real transformation. From there, clients are able to communicate more skillfully, include and trust others, face up to conflict and stretch into their vision.

Lauren has coached in a variety of industry sectors including technology, healthcare, finance, hospitality, education, media and manufacturing. Her clients have run the gamut functionally across the C-suite and vice president levels. Lauren also facilitates a number of workshops for individual and organizational change: Foundations of Leadership, Business Leader Program, Interpersonal & Relationship Skills, Systems Thinking, Playing a Bigger Game, High-Performance Teams, Collaborative Action and Large Group Events.

Lauren began her career with Motorola as an Organization Development Consultant, where she worked with business units on leadership development, process improvement and group dynamics. She was then promoted to direct the change management aspects of a large-scale software implementation. In this role, she specialized in the most important aspect of any successful change: including the people who must live with it into the decision-making process.

Lauren holds a Master of Arts degree in instructional design from The University of Texas/Austin, as well as a BA in English and a BS in Advertising, also from the same institution. Her certifications include Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute). She is qualified in the Hogan Assessments, The Leadership Circle Profile and Myers Briggs Type indicator.

Lauren is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and coaches coast to coast with a number of clients in the New York City area.

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