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Gloria Gonzalez Bullman, PsyD
Consultant and Executive Coach

Dr. Gloria Bullman provides a range of executive coaching techniques.  Her coaching model focuses on facilitating change by first identifying thoughts and actions that interfere with reaching the specific goals, and assisting in developing more productive thoughts and actions.  She addresses the “what” of problem behavior rather than the “why.”  Her model is particularly successful in addressing areas of interpersonal difficulty, communications and career-life balance.  Clients appreciate her down-to-earth style, coupled with a strong behavioral science background. Dr. Bullman establishes working relationships quickly, in an atmosphere of trust and humor.  She has a reputation for connecting well with people at all levels of organizations.

Dr. Bullman has experience across many industries, both nationally and internationally, as diverse as railroads and restaurants.  She has developed Team Mobilizations at many different levels of companies, from boardrooms, working with entire top management teams of global companies, to deep in the inner workings of factories and warehouses.  She frequently coaches C-level executives.

Communications training is considered one of her strong points, with journalism as her first course of study.  She has facilitated communication skills training in groups ranging from the Naval Academy at Annapolis to retail companies.  Her experience includes producing training videos.

Dr. Bullman has been creative in developing mastery models in overcoming specific obstacles, such as a successful “Fear of Flying” coaching program. She is presently a team member in a unique, comprehensive coaching program for women executives.   She is a consultant to a rock band.  Her belief is that a coach with a foundation in good science, using good skills can help any type of organization solve problems and increase their return on investment in human capital.

The Malone Group Crisis Management System is one of her areas of responsibilities, growing out of her 20 years in providing crisis management in events such as workplace violence, natural disasters and serious reversals in the workplace, including downsizing and closings.  In the immediate hours and days following the September 11th attacks, she provided trauma intervention and developed comprehensive recovery programs for two Fortune 500 companies.

Gloria received her BS from the University of Central Florida and her Doctor of Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. She is a member of the American Psychological Association.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting with this consultant, please contact Sharon Malone, President, The Malone Group at
(860) 674-9325 or