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Sara Thompson, BA, CHRP, ACPC, PCC.
Executive Coach

Sara Thompson is an experienced executive coach, mentor and facilitator. Since 2002, she has coached C-suite Executives, Senior Vice Presidents and emerging leaders in a range of industries including the public and private sectors. Sara has also facilitated teams to help them clarify vision, strategy and accountabilities. Sara started her career in the airline industry and then worked in telecommunications in Canada and the U.S. where she eventually served as Vice President of Customer Service and Call Centre Operations for Rogers Communications. She has worked extensively abroad and has gained significant experience in a diverse range of environments.

Sara believes coaching is about developing executive and leadership presence through sustained, positive and impactful change in behaviour. Sara’s coaching approach incorporates the most current thinking on human development: “Systems Thinking,” neuroscience and the process of change. This approach recognizes that change cannot happen nor can it be sustained without awareness of existing patterns of behavior and then establishing disciplined new practices of behavior. Neuroscience has proven that thinking harder is not enough. Real change must engage the whole human being – mind, body and spirit. She believes coaching should address the client’s life as an integrated whole where new possibilities emerge from addressing how habits are wired into the body. Ultimately, coaching supports the emergence of flexibility, strength and resilience.

Sara brings the skills of deep listening and curiosity to her clients. She is known for her ability to understand and connect with both spoken and unspoken issues in a way that helps leaders embrace their strengths and deal productively with their blind spots. By so doing, Sara taps into what is most important for their personal and professional growth.

Sara received a B.A. from York University and is a Certified Human Resources Professional. She was also recently on the faculty of Adler International Learning for 5 years where she trained and examined new professional coaches in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Sara has a strong sense of values and brings a principled approach to allow clients to focus on critical priorities. She partners with people in a way that challenges them and helps them reach their greatest potential as leaders.


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