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Pierre Gravelle, BA, BPh, LLB, QC
Executive Coach

Pierre Gravelle is a Professional Executive Coach who brings a positive, optimistic approach to his clients. Pierre’s style is warm and encouraging, and he carefully aligns his approach with the business imperatives of each organization while helping leaders live according to their core values and principles.  With wisdom and careful guidance, Pierre helps his clients rise above the day-to-day fray so they can reach their full leadership potential. Pierre works one-on-one with leaders to customize each coaching engagement so his clients are highly engaged while learning new skills in real time according to their daily business realities.

Pierre was Deputy Minister of Canada’s Department of National Revenue and also served as CEO of the Financial Services Ombudsnetwork. During his tenure with the Government of Canada, he held senior executive positions with the Treasury Board, Department of Justice, Privy Council Office, and Health and Welfare Canada.  He was President and CEO of Symcor Services, a data processing company serving the financial services industry and has also served as director of many private, publicly traded and not for profit organizations.

Internationally, Pierre was a consultant to and involved in projects with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. He also served as Vice-Chairman of the World Customs Organization and was the Canadian representative on the NAFTA Customs Implementation Team, on OECD committees, and other international forums. He was also appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1981. 

Pierre believes coaching is about expanding a leader’s capacity to make a difference with individuals, their organizations and their world.  It involves impacting people’s vision and values and offering them a powerful opportunity to reinvent their thinking and behaviour to achieve optimal results while adhering to sound governance practices.

Through his group coaching approach, Pierre works with clients to mitigate risk through good corporate governance. Pierre has successfully led strategy and board meetings to enhance communication and clarity of goals, roles, accountabilities, and results.

Pierre holds B.A., B.Ph., and law degrees from the University of Ottawa.  He also received additional training as a professional coach through the Career Dynamics ICF recognized program.

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