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Cultivating Leaders

As we work across the employee lifecycle, we are focused on the success of the leader within the culture where he or she resides.  A company places an enormous amount of trust, accountability and investment in the talent they select to guide their business.  As we all know, a well-educated, multi-talented, ambitious human being is a complicated bit of natural engineering.  From time to time, he or she is likely to need some intentional nurturing.  Guidance can come in the shape of focused assessment, coaching, consultation, or other development to support the leader’s consistent delivery to the best of their capabilities, to stay aligned with the enterprise, to continuously scale and bring a growth mindset, and to well integrate career with other aspects of life.  Thoughtful and deliberate developmental guidance supports a leader to remain energized and excited about his or her overall direction  The fallout and cost of disengagement, disenfranchisement or derailment is significant; often in excess of 100% of the cost of the executive’s compensation.  The Malone Group  establishes itself with organizations by using our broad talent cultivation abilities to help our clients achieve a highly productive, engaged, sustainable cadre of executives and managers.

The Malone Group, LLC is proud to be certified as a woman owned business enterprise in the State of Connecticut and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.