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Executive Assessment helps leaders see themselves beyond outward appearances to understand core preferences attributes and competencies.  A robust assessment provides a leader with an objective “look in the mirror” and helps to raise self-awareness. Assessment serves as a strong foundation for a variety of people-oriented decisions. Assessment informs whether a leader is a strong match for a role and can validate a leader as a reliable succession candidate. 

Assessment also isolates specific developmental needs and behavior change possibilities that would enhance performance and increase followership. Its applications are many, including pre-employment and promotional selection, coaching, leadership development, career planning, new hire integration, succession planning, team effectiveness, and conflict resolution.

Executive Assessment & Development Planning Model

The Malone Group Assessment & Development Model


  • Assessments are performed by our own doctoral-level psychologists.  Our psychologists have an in-depth understanding of people and organizational dynamics.  In addition, they join forces with our coaches to enrich the assessment process to ensure it provides the right combination of psychological and business insight.  
  • Our assessments draw data from a wide variety of sources, including highly validated psychometric instruments, structured interviews, and qualitative or quantitative 360 interviews.  Certain assessments may include performance measures to further ensure the validity of findings.
  • Our assessments explore a leader’s “fit” with a role, responsibilities, organizational competencies, culture, current and future challenges, boss and with other team members.
  • Drawing upon expert knowledge of instruments, specific tests and analyses are customized to fit each context/situation (e.g., role specifications, organization’s needs, and competencies).  All of our instruments and applications are continually scrutinized for validity.
  • Our assessments help a leader to set objective, well-aimed developmental plans, and actions that result in increased success.

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