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Team Coaching

Elements of the Team and Group Coaching Model

What do we mean by a “team” or a “group?” Our clients may come to us with an intact work team and seek “team coaching” wishing to move the performance needle for the full team. Or, clients may come with the idea to provide coaching for a specific cohort, population or group, for example high potential middle managers.  When that is the goal, the client may ask us to help identify cohort populations with compatible developmental priorities.  In that case, we will design the experience specifically for that group.

Our mutual goal is typically to broaden and improve a team or group’s ability to lead, perform and to further organizational goals.  We bring our assessment expertise to bear and leverage group data and diagnosis to identify the most relevant topics and opportunities.  We design workshop-based and experiential activities to deliver concepts, models and practice, which creates lasting competence.  

More on Assessments

When a client asks us to help create a cohort for coaching, we may use pre-participation assessments to identify performers with similar developmental priorities.  If a client asks us to team coach an established or “intact” team, we will use assessment to identify both in-common trends among the team and to help individual team members identify and build their own, personal action plans as a part of the experience.  

Blended Learning: Workshop and Experiential Components

Team coaching works using a combination of interactive group sessions, which may be live or virtual, and planned work in-between to “get their hands dirty.”   Through a blended cycle of interactive, group coaching sessions, periods of practice, designed exercises, joint project work, and other techniques, learning and growth takes place. Oftentimes some level of one-on-one coaching is selected to pay focused attention to individual growth needs as an element of team growth.

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