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Transition Coaching

The Malone Group offers transitional coaching for leaders and executives. We most often work with organizations who want their exiting leaders to land well in a new assignment that is a nice ‘fit’ with their capabilities and interests.  When an executive or other key contributor leaves an organization, that leader faces a number of decisions in designing the next career chapter.  During transitional coaching, we provide resources that allow the individual to take an honest and accurate personal audit, while providing support and guidance.

Legacy Coaching

 We have seen colleagues “fail at retirement.” Many times this failure can happen because the venture post a key leadership career has not been defined with clear goals to achieve and passions to pursue and adventures to embark upon.  Many times legacy coaching begins well before a leader leaves a traditional role.  The coach supports the leader in crafting his or her legacy in the existing role and taking capstone steps to conclude that journey. Then, designing a new chapter may include setting a clear vision for the future  – what will daily life look like? What will a year look like? And crafting a rewarding retirement plan, creating a plan to pursue a long-deferred passion, or determining how to using expert talents and skills differently and in entirely new venues.  

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